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Kiel Johnson


Born 1975, Kansas City, MO
Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA

2000 MFA, Drawing & Painting, California State University Long Beach, CA
1994 BFA, Sculpture & Drawing, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS

Solo Exhibitions
2010 New Work, Davidson Contemporary, New York, NY
2009 Publish or Perish, Mark Moore Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
2008 New Work, Mark Moore Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
2007 Friction Ain’t Fiction, Irvine Art Center, Irvine, CA
2006 LO-FI, Raid Projects, Los Angeles, CA
2005 Sub-Scribed, Art Front Space, Hollywood, CA Views From Above, Louisiana Tech University, Main Gallery, Ruston, CA
2004 Hothouse Exotica, Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art, Kansas City, CA
New Drawings, Creative Artist Agency, Beverly Hills, CA
These Are A Few of Our Favorite Things, Veinto y Agua Gallery, Long Beach, CA
2003 Kiel Johnson – Large Scale Works on Panel, Max L. Gatov Galley, California State University, Long Beach, Long Beach, CA Kiel Johnson – Drawings on Paper, Art Concepts, Santa Monica, CA
2001 Kiel Johnson - New Drawings, Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art, Kansas City, MO


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Kiel Johnson : twin lens reflex

interview by Catherine Auguste

©theo jemison / www.theojemison.com


What are the technical characteristics of the twin lens reflex ?

the press is made entirely out of cardboard, tape and hotglue.  The dimensions are 16 x 12 x 35

©theo jemison / www.theojemison.com


Why have you built such a camera ? 

here is the story.  I had been working on drawings for about six months with the hope that this new series of drawings would lead me to the next body of sculpture. I had been drawing consistently and was happy with the drawings but none of the imagery was exciting me as a sculptural idea.  I just didn’t feel like building anything. 

It was around that time that Theo called asking me if I would be interested in building a camera to hang in the window for a photography show his girlfriend, Grace, was curating.  They mentioned using the twin lens camera Grace shoots with as a model. I was into my drawings but thought it might be a good diversion. I think I told Theo that I would be interested in doing it if we could also maybe turn it in to a video project.

We have worked together on other projects and always had a great time so it just started happening really.

©theo jemison / www.theojemison.com


As the project evolved and the camera became real we talked about how great it would be to actually take some pictures with it. I remember a fantastic conversation we had about the recording of the making of art, the actual art, and the art making more art, which you could then record the making of.  So cool!

When our good friend Arthur Mor became available to edit all the footage everything fell into place.  Theo had four or five cameras going the whole time. So there was a ton of stuff to go through. Arthur did an amazing job cutting it all together.  He managed to tell an informative yet funny tale about a happy little twin lens reflex being born and fit it all into the Rodriguez song.  That song, Inner City Blues, was from an album we listened to a few times while actually making the camera.  Theo had shot press for Rodriguez, so we got permission to use the song.  The Twin Lens Reflex was a reflex in every sense.  It just naturally started happening with friends. Everything fell right into place.  I can’t wait to get to work on another project with those guys.  The perfect collaboration

©theo jemison / www.theojemison.com


To see the video : http://www.theojemisonphotography.blogspot.com/




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